Monday, May 4, 2015

National Young Leaders Day (NYLD) Conference

I had the great honour and privilege of travelling with Khalos, Jack, Tuki and Kristine on Sunday/Monday. We attended the National Young Leaders Day Conference at the Events Centre which was inspiring to say the least.  Over 2000 students and adults attended this leadership event. The theme this year was, ‘Your Amazing Journey…’
You are here!
Time is pushing you into the future…and you can’t stop it!
But you can choose which future you are going to.
You are a time-traveller. You’re on the road…where will it take you?
At NYLD you will hear from other time-travellers; you will hear about their choices, success and failures – all of it will help you on your own amazing journey.
Enjoy every step!
It was a day of hearing about stories, real life experiences, encouragement and determining what you want your life to be like.  Guest speakers included Michael Pike who was on Mount Ruapehu in 2009 when it erupted and had to have his leg amputated. Also Tony Christiansen who was run over by a train when he was 9 years old.  Chris Judd who trained as an Architect and then decided after travelling that he wanted to become a humanitarian and work for World Vision. Finally Buck Shelford who spoke of his trials and tribulations as being the Captain of the All Blacks.
When our Year 8 leaders leave primary school, we hope that they will be contributing citizens in other peoples lives and in their communities. This conference opened their eyes a little bit wider as they are just embarking upon their leadership journey’s. They are busy now reflecting and putting their presentations together.  A massive thank you to the organisations that supported this kaupapa with monetary contributions – Te Rangatahi o Whakarewa, Mahia Energency Services Crew, The Lions Club Wairoa and the Waikaremoana Trust Board.  

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  1. Really glad to hear your students had a great time at NYLD! We'd love to see some of the presentations your students put together. Hope to see you again next year :) The NYLD team