Thursday, August 29, 2013

Daffodil Day

There was lots of yellow today as Te Mahia School were supporting the Cancer Society. It was awesome to see the creativity, especially Caitlin in Room 1 who was an actual Daffodil. We raised a lot of money that will be presented to them at an assembly very soon. Kia ora

Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Staff vs Student Netball

Reporter - Miss O'B

The sun was shining and it was a beautiful day for the netball games between Te Mahia School students and the staff.  Caitlin Bell-Bregmen suggested the idea to her teacher and was responsible for making the event happen.  She coordinated everything; date, players, time and the build up.  It is great when people take initiative and want to put in the effort for cool things to happen at school.

Both teams were feeling pretty confident, the students leading the way with a comprehensive warm up prior to the game starting.  The staff dragged the chain as they organised children to be seated and eating their lunch.  The students won the toss and decided to claim the ball. Everyone took the court and our first 7 minute quarter was underway.

The staff were leading for most of the game and ended up being victorious on the day with 26 points to 4.  There was some sharp shooting from Stacy, Cherie and Aunty Jennifer which helped seal the deal.  Dean Cameron provided some strong defence in the goal circle and managed to turn the ball over a number of times for the students. Brady Kamau and Tegan Kereru worked well in the circle together.

It was a lot of fun and something we will have to do again one day soon.

Cleo the Vet

Thanks to Eve, we had a visit from Cleo and Jimmy on Monday.  Cleo works at Vet Ent in Wairoa and is very dedicated to her job. As year 7&8 students, we need to start considering our futures and possible careers.  Eve loves animals and is thinking being either a vet or a vet nurse would be a pretty cool career to have.

Check out our photos.

Number Knowledge

This term with Miss O'B we are learning about ALGEBRA.  A big part of algebra is number patterns, identifying a rule and being able to explain when the rule works.  The 'rule' is going to save us time eg, rather than needing to make a big long pattern, we can use the rule to determine how much of something we need to make it.

Some Number Knowledge we have had to brush up on includes squared and cubed numbers.  We have made these numbers with maths equipment so we have a picture in our mind of what a squared number looks like.  Our mission is to know our squared numbers all the way up to 12 squared.  Some clever cookies have also mastered their cubed numbers and some extremely clever cookies have asked for exponents eg, to the power of 6.

Do read our blogs to see our explanation and understanding of the Number Knowledge we are learning about!!!

Thursday, August 15, 2013

Maths Week 2013

Another week - another challenge conquered.  This morning Room 1 engaged in a Geometry Challenge Miss O'B set for them.  Each House had 20 minutes to find as many 2d and 3d shapes around Te Mahia School as they could.  We used the i-pads to capture the evidence and worked together as a team.  After 20 minutes had passed, we had to have a battle as two houses were tied on 15 points each.  Congratulations to Deans house who came out triumphant.  It was very, very close.  So who knows their 2d and 3d geometric names of different shapes?

Monday, August 5, 2013

Miss D'Ath - Half Marathon in Taupo

Congratulations to Miss D’Ath who completed the Taupo Half Marathon last Sunday.  If you saw her on Monday at school you would now totally understand the speed of her movement. The children were very sympathetic. What an accomplishment Miss D’Ath!

Thursday, August 1, 2013

Duffy Leaders

We were lucky to have Kowhai and Michael come to Te Mahia School on Wednesday.  Their korero was all about their school they attend, subjects they are taking, extra-curricular involvement and most importantly - HOW COOL IT IS TO READ!!!
We then asked them some questions we were pondering and to explain the cool things and not so cool things about boarding school.  Thanks heaps fro coming guys!


Congratulations to Brady and her team for being the winning house last term.  Nice to see you enjoying your feast on Friday.  You guys worked hard and deserved to be the winning house.  Challenge is to see if you can do it again this term?