Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Wairoa Inter-school Chess Tournament

On Wednesday we had a small team of 9 Chess players who participated in the Wairoa inter-school event held at Tiaho Primary School. 122 students from around the district gathered to participate in a tournament and gain experience. Jedi and Noble (Eastern Knights Chess Club) assisted the marshals in the different age groups to record scores. It was an awesome day and another experience for our children, that have an interest and talent in playing Chess. At the prizegiving, Jedi presented Patricia Davis with a Chess Board. His korero went something like… “ I was impressed with this young lady, her thinking and moves on the board. Every time she played she got better and better. I hope she carries on playing Chess and learning as much as she can.” Ka mau te wehi Patricia – you are such a taonga for Te Mahia School! A big thanks to Aan Hoek and Sue Crawshaw from Nuhaka School who organized the event. Also Whaea Pepi and Mid who helped transport our tamariki into town.  

Monday, September 15, 2014

The One and Only Ivan - Official Book Trailer

i-movie has some really cool templates to use to create your very own book trailer. The purpose of a book trailer is to entice people into wanting to read the book you are trying to promote. Think carefully about a book you want to promote and create a trailer for…


1. Use of static images and moving footage.

2. Voice over

3. Key parts of the book are shared (without giving the ending away).

4. Appropriate music relating to the mood of the book.

5. Structure of beginning, middle, end. (It flows)

Sunday, September 14, 2014

DARE to wear the ODDEST PAIR! For kids living with cancer

Te Mahia School celebrated Friday the 12th September in style with the students and staff of Te Mahia School wearing some funky, odd shoes. Tegan Kereru-Symes bought this wonderful cause to our attention. Odd Shoe day is a fun event to raise money for children with cancer. The money raised goes to Camp Quality, which is a non-profit organisation that brings fun, hope and happiness to kids living with cancer.

Te Mahia School raised over $80.00 for an excellent cause, so well done to the students and staff! Thank you also goes out to Mary Baty and Chrystal Te Ngaio for their donations! 

Odd Shoe day was definitely a hit with the students, can't wait to see the odd shoes next year.


Saturday, September 13, 2014

Wairoa District Schools' Cross Country

WOW!! What an awesome effort from all our Te Mahia School Cross Country runners!!

A team of 25 Te Mahia School students travelled to Nuhaka to participate in the Wairoa District Schools' Cross Country Event. The children had an awesome day and they did very well despite not having done a lot of training due to wet weather, we also had a few placings.
Luckily the sun was out on the day, the children gave it their all and they enjoyed watching and supporting each other. They represented Te Mahia School with pride! I must also mention the fluoro shirts looked really good, the children stood out! We are looking at purchasing some new sports tops for these events. Will definitely have to keep our fluoro colours.

Thank you to Sandy for transporting our children by bus and thank you to our teachers and parents/whanau who were there on the day to support Te Mahia School. A wonderful day had by all.

Thursday, September 4, 2014

Te Mahia Enviroschool

A fortnight ago we had an enviroschool house group day. Tamariki were split into house groups where they had 6 different workshops to complete for the day. These workshops engaged tamariki in thoughts and ideas about communication, tree care, pest control, vision mapping, planting design and operational work, all related to the Whangawehi Catchment. 
Your tamariki may have told you, but if they haven’t we are running a house group competition, where the winning house can win a trip for two children to head over to Waikawa (Portland Island), to help out with some conservation work. Every time we have an enviroschools day house groups are awarded points for their participation at each activity, contribution of ideas and engagement in group discussions. 
A massive thank you to Whaea Jenni, Whaea Janna, Mrs Bowen, Nanny Rae, Matua Arthur, Nick and Nanny Kath. They all put so much time and effort into our enviroschool work and we are very grateful!!

Te Mahia School planting at Whangawehi - Thursday 04 September 2014

Planting At Whangawehi

We have some awesome tree planters here at school. On Thursday just after morning tea we headed down to the Whangawehi Bridge to plant 150 native plants including Five Finger, Kahikatea, Harakeke, Karamu, Ake ake, Pohutukawa and Kowhai. We had planned to spend two hours down there, but our kids had it all finished in 30 minutes. They worked together in their house groups to plant a range of plants needing different soil types. They worked out where it would be best to plant different plants, and it was great to see the older tamariki helping the younger ones. 
A very big thank you to Nanny Rae, Nanny, Kath, Whaea Janna, Shane Mildenhall, Matua Arthur, Papa Pera, Whaea Jenni and Nick for helping plan prepare and plant, as well as a big thank you to Sandy for transporting us there and back. A special thanks to the men who dug the holes and had everything prepared for us in order to make the planting run as smooth as possible.   
If you’re down Whangawehi or driving past, check out our awesome work!!


Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Kahu Gets What He Wants!

Here is an example of an iconic Kiwi band advertising their performances.  Think about 'Kahu Gets What He Wants,' and also the language of advertising. How can you best advertise and sell this performance to the wider community?

LEARNING TASK - Create an advertisement for Te Mahia Schools performance, 'Kahu Gets What He Wants.'

1. All details needed and included on the poster (WHO, WHEN, WHERE etc).
2. Language of advertising is evident. e.g. 'Don't miss out on this spectacular performance!'
3. Use of colour, borders, spacing, block lettering is thought about.
4. Poster is easily read and interpreted - clear for the audience.

Monday, September 1, 2014

Maori Calendar Song - Maramataka Lyrics On Screen

Maori Calendar Song - Maramataka Lyrics On Screen

Thanks for the introduction Anthony - you are always confident and clear when you talk in front of the entire school. Was awesome to hear about your Te Reo learning. I love waiata when it comes to learning something new - seems to work for my brain. Ka mau te wehi Room 1