Sunday, June 30, 2013

Room 1 Goodsorts

This term, Room 1 have been focussing on including increased detail in our writing. We all seem to have wonderful ideas but are getting used to adding increased detail. Please read our nominations for TV One Goodsorts. There are some exemplars in here with outstanding details!

I would like to nominate Ali Delaney as a good sort on TV One news because she volunteers her time at St. Johns and in between her busy schedule she finds us time at our school. Ali Delaney is a humble person and deserves to be recognised for a lot she does in our community. Ali always has a positive attitude always and pushes us kids to reach for the stars and to be the best that we can be. Examples that are positively influenced include her family, friends and our small community of Mahia. It makes me feel positive and happy that there are awesome people like her. I think Ali isn’t a good sort, she is an amazing sort. My nomination should be considered because Ali Delaney is Awesome! Brady Kamau

A person I would like to nominate is Ali Delany because she appears up at our awesome school and helps out, if she uses her taringas and hears that the school needs cleaning she jumps in her white flash car and will be here within a blink to help out she puipui and the poi’s maybe its making food for camp she has come to the wetland every time we go and she helps us plant at least 400 plants she helps people when there sick because she is a volunteer with St John she only gets nothing she is not a good sort she is a awesome sort that’s why I am nominating Ali Delany  because she helps the community. Caitlin Bregmen

The person I would like to nominate as a good sort is Henare Cooper but most people call Dog. I would like to nominate Uncle Dog for the TV One Good-Sorts Show. Every time there is a event on such as a tangi or birthday he is always doing  something for the community. Everything he does is to help others out. He would be one of the most caring people I know.  He is always teaching people such as myself about the moana and giving us really long lectures when we go on the boat!  That is why Uncle Dog should by TV Ones Good Sort!   Dreydon Hughes

As a student I would like to nominate as a good sort Mani because she does a lot with us in  kapahaka at our school.  The time she started with us is 11.30 -12.30   She all so takes me to karate because she goes there to also she does her best to get us to be great at kapahaka as an example she work hard to keep us kids at Te Mahia school she is extremely talented at her job and does it for free.  Mani gave us a new song  and some people already know it off by heart I consider  my Aunty Mani to be a good sort.  Eve Chin

A person I would like to nominate as a good sorts person is Ian Pickering. Ian is a community member who lives at Mahanga. He loves the environment and willingly shares his knowledge and skills with students at our school. He always comes to Te Mahia School every Wednesday to clean up the shade house have seedlings that we plant over the year. Then they get planted at the Opoutama wetlands. Ian Pickering mangages the wetlands by trapping stoats, weasles and rats. Sometimes he lets me come for a ride to the wetlands to plant native plants with him. He calls up the school and arranges everything and we go planting with him. Me and my dad know him very well. He lets us go duck shooting in his ponds. A few weeks ago I went on a helicopter ride because the pilot was spraying black berry, gorse and weeds. That was the best time because Ian didn’t have to do that but he wanted too. So that’s why I am nominating Ian as a good sort. Jack Delaney

I consider my mum as a good sort person, because she is amazingly great, wonderful and genourous to me, my baby brother and Dad. My Mum feeds me, my baby brother, dad and our friends.  She has very nicely made me from yongest to an older brother by giving me a baby brother, called little Hona, he is a naughty boy at times, but he is funny, wonderful cute and chubby. My Mum all the time  is caring for everyone else except for herself. She always loves me and our family and she always will. Jashyn Aupouri

A person I would like to nominate as a good sort is Aunty Liz because she helps us with our kapahaka so we can feel good on stage for kapahaka. Aunty Liz is the best that is why she should be nominated for a good sort.  She has even made her own CD and she is talented at kapahaka. Our teacher always says “ if you have talent you need to share it with the world,” and that is exactly what she does. Khalos Brown

Hey TV 1 news I would like to nominate my Aunty Liz Kereru for TV Ones good sorts. She is amazing at everything she does. She is humble, has a lovely personality but besides all that she takes us Te Mahia School students for kapa haka every Friday along with Mani and Maiouna. She is one of the best kapa haka teachers I have ever had and I bet you’ll like her too. Also, the great thing about her is that she does it for free, yes free and in her own time. She knows and very much thinks that we are good, no not good great. She writes amazing maori chants and songs. She has her own CD. She is a lovely guitarist and has an amazing voice and we will probably win with her.  Without her we probably wouldn’t be anywhere.  She is lovely, talented and great at everything she does.  She is so cool and if you don’t think she is you are wrong. I would like to nominate her because she teaches us in her own time. Kingi Ormond

I would like to nominate Aunty Liz Kereru for TV one news Goodsorts award. Every Friday at Te Mahia School she comes in and helps with Kapahaka. We are having our Kapahaka festival at the end of term 3. She is our kaiako.  I consider her to be a Goodsorts person because she is nice to me and all of her students. She is helpful at Kapahaka because she goes to great efforts in teaching us waiata, actions, Haka and teaching others about Maoritanga.  She is extremely talented with playing the guitar, singing and she even recorded her own CD. She encourages all students with her high expectations with Kapahaka learning. I lead Nukutarua, a waiata / chant, and she expects me to do it really well. I think she is a humble person who deserves to be recognised because she contributes so much.  She sets a great example as being a leader at our school and in our community. I hope Hayden Janes comes to vist her. Maungarongo Hemopo

I consider Ali Delanyey to be my good sort. She is not a good sort she is a awesome. Every time we go to the wetlands she is there in a blink. Ali is there to help out any time we need her. She gives up her time to help the community in any way. When we go on trips she helps transport children and she is a volunteer for St Johns. So I want to nominate Ali Delaney for what she does. Ngaire Taumata-Albert
Kia Ora my name is Santana I would like to nominate a wonderful and dutifully woman. She is always there for our school not to mention other people. She is one of the best Kapahaka teachers you could ever meet. One of the reasons I would like to nominate her is because she gives up her time to teach us Kapahaka and to lmake us look good on stage at the end of term three. She’s a very humble person to me and one top, talented person ever at playing the guitar. I reckon she should be nominated because she is a kind and wonder full person.  Aunty Liz Kereru is my goodsort.  Santana McRoberts

I would to nominate Aunty Liz for TV one goodsorts. Every Friday she comes to tech us kapahaka and I respect that. She is very talented at singing and guitar she is a great leader that’s why I nominate aunty Liz. Shedarn Lafaiki

I would like to nominate Ali Delaney to be a good sort because she is a very helpful person, and she is always at school to help when we have things like Camp, planting at the wetlands, and she is also a volunteer at St Johns.  An example of how she goes above and beyond is she always helps with cleaning at our school, and with Working Bees, but mostly with everything. Our School is lucky to have her as part of our environment!  People who are positively influenced include her family, our school (Te Mahia), and friends. It makes me feel happy. I think that she is an awesome good sort!  My nomination should be considered because Ali is one amazing person! Tegan Kereru-Symes

Thursday, June 20, 2013

The Power of One

In class we are reading/watching The Power of One by Bryce Courtenay. There is a powerful message in the story, "Little beat big when little smart. First with the head, then with the heart." Think carefully about this message and what it means to you. Leave a comment...

Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Multiplying by 10 100 and 1,000

NUMBER KNOWLEDGE - We are learning to multiply (and divide) numbers by 10 100 and 1,000. Thinking carefully about whether our number should be getting bigger or smaller, whether it moves to the left or the right and how many 0's (place holders) it should have is knowledge we have been getting better at.  Check out Tegan and Brady's tutorial they created - ka mau te wehi!!!

Sunday, June 16, 2013

Saturday, June 15, 2013

Doodle For Google

Heeeeeeelo everybody. Miss D'Ath is your teacher on Thursday and I have asked her to work on a mini project with you. One of Miss D'Aths many talents includes design/art. This is what her degree she completed while at University was all about. Anyway... Google are running are competition where you have to design a Google logo that they could show instead of their normal one. The theme is, "If I were an explorer..."  There are some massive prizes to be won including money, laptops, interactive whiteboards and A TRIP TO THE ANTARCTIC!!!  Room 1 has enormous creative talent so start thinking before Thursday about what you might do if you were an explorer.

Friday, June 14, 2013

Tane Mahuta: The Maori God of the Forest

Te Wiki o Te Reo Maori 2013

When: 1-7th July, Friday 5th July is costume day though
Why: To celebrate our Maori culture, language and people.
Who: Te Mahia School students and students all around Aotearoa
What: mini 'Wearable Arts' day
How: Get creative, do some research, make a plan and get someone to help you
Where: Te Mahia School

Caitlin and Jack - thank you for sharing your out of this world idea. Aunty Jennifer is sending a panui home on Monday outlining how we plan to celebrate Te Wiki o Te Reo Maori, (Week 9). As the theme is Nga ingoa Maori – Maori names here is a brief list of what we talked about on Thursday ie. Papatuanuku,  Ranginui, Tane-mahuta, Tangaroa, Tawhirimatea, Rongomaiwahine, Kahungunu, Rehua. The list is endless though really!!!

Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Carrot Cars

In week 9,  we are participating in the inter-school technology event for 2013. These events involve great team work, clear communication, thinking out of the square and an ability to meet deadlines. Today in class Miss O'B provided us with a challenge involving making a car out of carrots. We had criteria that included...
1. Wheels that replicated the motion that wheels move in.
2. Our cars looked aesthetically pleasing.
3. Our cars travelled for 2m without falling to bits.
4. Our car was able to carry our lego dude.
5. Complete our planning, design and construction within 35 minutes.

Each criteria was scored out of 5. Congratulations to group 1, 2 and 5 who came out victorious today. An awesome effort Room 1 - I was most impressed!