Sunday, January 31, 2016

A great way to start the year!!

SMILES all around today, we could hear laughter and see tamariki playing games together and helping each other. It was as if the tamariki had never left school. The whole school started the morning off in their new house groups. All the tamariki played pass the banana, it was definitely hilarious watching each of them trying to pass the banana overhead to their friend behind them, and only using their feet. Room 1 tamariki then went on to do some snake (lollies) surgery in class. It was funny seeing the kids trying to thread their needle and stitch their cut up snakes back together. We definitely had some interesting surgeons in class with lots of sticky fingers and shorter snakes due to some tamariki eating them. What I did enjoy seeing today was the manaakitanga between our tamariki and how they encouraged each other in softball. Definitely a great start to the year Room 1, keep it up.



Building Our Classroom Team

What a super exciting first day back at school. Our children were happy, laughing and wanting to get started with the days plans. Today, our team focus was about talking and listening at the right time. If we are part of a team and two people are talking at once, what happens, how can you change it, what do you miss out on, will your team be successful?  We practiced this, taking turns at talking and listening. Our challenge was to build a balloon tower as high as we could, with a time limit of 5 minutes. We were only allowed one balloon at a time and had to have a plan of attack before we got started. Congratulations to Kalani, Nataleigh and Keylia who were todays champions. We will be focussing on a lot of team building in the first couple of weeks as we aim to build a cohesive and dynamic team for the rest of the year.