Monday, June 29, 2015

Sir Peter Blake Leadership Award - 2015

Last Friday this very prestigious award was presented. In 2013 Dreydon Hughes won and in 2014 Tegan Kereru-Symes. This award has been created in memory of Sir Peter Blake and the renowned leader that he was. Earlier in the year, our children were asked to consider a stand out leader, in their eyes. A clear communicator, encourager, role model, ambassador, risk taker, lead by example kind of person. The votes this year were extremely close however I have great honour in announcing that Kristine Steves-Wesche was the recipient this year. This is what some of our students and staff had to say…
Kristine has only been at Te Mahia School for a short time however she has worked hard to find her identity and fit in with her peers and our school culture. When the students nominated Kristine, they spoke of her patience and tolerance with the younger students at school. Her integrity in her role as a leader is taken seriously and leadership tasks are always completed to the best of her ability. Kristine is determined she will succeed with her leadership role this year and is busy planning and preparing leadership activities for students at Te Mahia School.

If you see Kristine around, please do make a point of congratulating her like we all did at school last Friday.

Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Te Mahia School’s creative and inventive tamariki!!

Twenty-three of our Te Mahia School tamariki had a creative and inventive time at the Wairoa Inter-school Technology Challenge. We had two teams in each year division, (year 3 & 4, year 5 & 6, and year 7 & 8). Each division was given a pre-planned challenge and a surprise challenge that was given at the Community Centre. The tamariki were up against some eager competition from other Wairoa District Schools.
Year 3 & 4 teams made a paper aeroplane where four straws had to be attached to their design, and also had to build a tower using spaghetti pasta and blue tac. A ball grabber and a giant poppy is what the year 5 & 6 tamariki had to construct. The year 7 & 8 teams had to construct a robotic arm and a soccer ball ramp. These challenges were hard and the children soon found out the importance of discussions, collaboration and construction of their designs. We had teams place 1st equal but what was of utmost importance was that our tamariki gave it their all and had a wonderful time.

Miss O’B and I were extremely proud of all the tamariki and their achievements on the day. A huge thank you to the parents that came to tautoko our tamariki, and to Sandy for transporting us to and from Wairoa.

Duffy theatre

Duffy theatre was in full swing at Te Rakato Marae as Antonia, Maile and Duffy entertained our tamarki and whānau. They voiced that reading books is a way to visit new worlds and portrayed this throughout their whole show. We were taken to the land of Egypt where Cleopatra ordered her servant (Duffy) around. We ventured into Hogwarts where Harry and Hermoine were potting Mandrake plants. Then we were whisked away into a beautiful garden and introduced to a garden fairy. Maui and a demi-dog entertained us with their short skit about how Maui slowed Tamanui-te-ra down. The children had a wonderful time watching the Duffy theatre show and listening to them sing. A lot of laughter from the tamariki and whānau with many questions asked by intrigued children.
The tamariki came away with some important messages and that was with books you don’t have to worry about someone changing the channel, you won’t lose the pages, and with the benefit of a library card you can loan books for free. Duffy also expressed that reading helps with imagination and expands your imagination. I think I am correct in saying that our children’s imaginations were stimulated and they were enchanted by the whole experience. The Duffy theatre gave a positive and powerful performance that reinforced the importance of reading. Can’t wait to see the next show and what Duffy theatre has install for us!

Sunday, June 7, 2015

Pū Kōrero Competition

Today the Year 6 tamariki watched a video of Sonny Ngatai a student from Hato Paora, present his speech at the 2014 Manukorero competition. The children took note of how he stood on stage, how he made his presence known, his use of language and humour to entice the crowd, and also how he used hand gestures to prove his point.

This years Pū Kōrero Competition is held at Te Kura Kaupapa Māori o Ngāti Kahungunu o Te Wairoa in the second week of term 3.

Ngā Pū Kōrero o Te Wairoa Competition
2015 Topics

1. Ko te tino taonga o te Ao Māori.
2. Mahia te mahi hei painga mo te iwi.
3. He rite ahau ki a Māui.

1. Tell me I can’t and I will.
2. Everyone has the attributes and qualities of a leader.
3. We are the guardians of our environment.

The topics are really broad which allows the tamariki to interpret it in a way they know and understand. Every student in Room 1 has chosen their topic for speeches and written down ideas they want to talk about. Now the tamariki have to focus on how they are going to elaborate on their ideas and provide the audience with examples they will be familiar with.

Ripping it up in Rippa Rugby

Last Friday 24 Te Mahia School tamariki were all full of energy as we attended the Wairoa Rippa Rugby Tournament. The sun was out but the grounds were wet and frosted a little. Had the odd complaints from children about cold feet but it didn't take long to warm up.

We had entered two teams into the tournament a Year 7 & 8 team and a year 3 & 4 team. Big ups to the year 5 and year 2 tamariki that stepped up to the challenge and played in these teams.

The year 3 & 4 tamariki had a lot of fun ripping the tags and chasing after opponents. As for the year 7 & 8's they were very competitive and a tough team to beat with their attacking offence and tight defence. I think the children learnt how to work together as a team and share the ball amongst team mates.

A big thank you to all the parents who helped transport tamariki to and from the tournament and again to those parents who stepped in as coaches on the day. A massive turnout from parents who supported Te Mahia School tamariki from the first hooter. We all enjoyed a successful day.