Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Duffy theatre

Duffy theatre was in full swing at Te Rakato Marae as Antonia, Maile and Duffy entertained our tamarki and whānau. They voiced that reading books is a way to visit new worlds and portrayed this throughout their whole show. We were taken to the land of Egypt where Cleopatra ordered her servant (Duffy) around. We ventured into Hogwarts where Harry and Hermoine were potting Mandrake plants. Then we were whisked away into a beautiful garden and introduced to a garden fairy. Maui and a demi-dog entertained us with their short skit about how Maui slowed Tamanui-te-ra down. The children had a wonderful time watching the Duffy theatre show and listening to them sing. A lot of laughter from the tamariki and whānau with many questions asked by intrigued children.
The tamariki came away with some important messages and that was with books you don’t have to worry about someone changing the channel, you won’t lose the pages, and with the benefit of a library card you can loan books for free. Duffy also expressed that reading helps with imagination and expands your imagination. I think I am correct in saying that our children’s imaginations were stimulated and they were enchanted by the whole experience. The Duffy theatre gave a positive and powerful performance that reinforced the importance of reading. Can’t wait to see the next show and what Duffy theatre has install for us!

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