Thursday, July 30, 2015

Inquiry Learning - The Human body (Skeletal Muscles)

The Human Body (Skeletal muscles)

Explore and investigate – question, ponder and examine science around them. Exploring the living and non-living, use scientific skills to create findings and solve hidden mysteries, develop an understanding of the world around them and their loves, explore the impact of science on society and to work through a scientific investigation.

Concept: Skeletal muscles in our body stipulate movement.

Knowledge skill: Children will learn about which muscles are used in specific movements, dance and exercises.

Inquiry skill: The children will carry out investigations gathering information on the skeletal muscles in our body and how they work together to stipulate movement. They will investigate – ask questions, find evidence, explore diagrams and videos, and synthesise the information into their own understanding using this to develop their own ideas perceived about muscles and movement.

Literacy skill: Children learn to validate information from multiple sources – books, internet (youtube videos), people. 

Skeletal muscle
This is, as the name suggests, the type of muscle used to move our skeletons. Muscle tissue is attached to bones by strong tendons, and we contract this muscle to move. We can decide to move these muscles or not, so we say they are controlled voluntarily. We use skeletal muscles to maintain our posture, and hold our bones in place.

Looking forward to what the children find out and where their research will take them in their investigations of skeletal muscles. Watch this space!

Te Mahia School's own Danceletes

The house leaders were busy preparing their dance groups at fitness time during the first week and also had 2-3 weeks practice at the end of last term. I must say all house groups performed brilliantly! I saw teamwork with participation from all our tamariki, original dance moves incorporated into their dances, sharp actions, and groovy selection of music that got the audience tapping their feet. It was a great pleasure to watch and to see our house leaders step up to the challenge, you never cease to amaze me, tau ke tamariki!!

Term 3 back in full swing!!

Term 3 is back in full swing and the children are happy and eager to get back into their learning. Two weeks must have been a long enough break for them. Unfortunately planting at the Opoutama wetlands were postponed again due to rain showers but will be happening at a later date. Last week the tamariki enjoyed having Phil Robinson from Sport Gisborne working with them in gymnastics showing the children the correct techniques and gymnastics routines. In class we were straight back into it with a writing assessment, watching youtube videos of the muscles in our body to excite the children for our inquiry, unpacking the structure and language used in personal responses/reviews, and beginning our fraction learning in maths. There is never a dull moment in class, the children are always busy.