Sunday, July 26, 2015

Jack D's House

House vs. House Challenge
Te Mahia School Stylz!

YOUR CHALLENGE: Choose a song that you can choreograph and include
all of your house members. This is a showcase piece and should be presented to
the judges on Friday as exactly that, a quality piece. Your presentation should
be along the lines of Jump Jam, Kids Zumba or another aerobics performance you
have seen. As this is a fitness challenge, the judges need to be able to see
you have significantly increased your heart rate at the end of the performance.

have during fitness time this week to get ready. We will be performing these at
school on Friday.
House Leader is responsible for overseeing this challenge. Other people may
offer to help, but final decisions sit with the leaders of each house.

Judging Criteria

1.   Appropriate song choice fast tempo and catchy tune. (5 points)
2.  All House Members are included and
contributing to the success of your presentation. (5 points)
3.  Costumes/colours have had effort put
into them. ( 5 points) You haven’t got
time to make/buy things. You need to use what you have and borrow.
4.   A
blended combination of seen moves and originality. (5 points)
5.   Energy and Sharp actions are portrayed.
(5 points)

So who will be the house to take out term 2’s

Judges decision is final! (Miss Kereru and Miss

Winning House will receive a bonus 20 points as
well as a popcorn and movie afternoon.

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