Thursday, September 4, 2014

Te Mahia School planting at Whangawehi - Thursday 04 September 2014

Planting At Whangawehi

We have some awesome tree planters here at school. On Thursday just after morning tea we headed down to the Whangawehi Bridge to plant 150 native plants including Five Finger, Kahikatea, Harakeke, Karamu, Ake ake, Pohutukawa and Kowhai. We had planned to spend two hours down there, but our kids had it all finished in 30 minutes. They worked together in their house groups to plant a range of plants needing different soil types. They worked out where it would be best to plant different plants, and it was great to see the older tamariki helping the younger ones. 
A very big thank you to Nanny Rae, Nanny, Kath, Whaea Janna, Shane Mildenhall, Matua Arthur, Papa Pera, Whaea Jenni and Nick for helping plan prepare and plant, as well as a big thank you to Sandy for transporting us there and back. A special thanks to the men who dug the holes and had everything prepared for us in order to make the planting run as smooth as possible.   
If you’re down Whangawehi or driving past, check out our awesome work!!


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