Tuesday, May 12, 2015

An Industrial Designer in our class

 Last week Room 1 was lucky enough to have a visit from Alex Fraser (Miss D’Ath’s friend). Alex has a Bachelor Degree in Industrial Design and has recently completed her teaching placement at Wairoa College. She shared with us her many talents and talked to the tamariki about some of the work and designs she had completed in her degree. The tamariki were in awe of her designs and were very fond of the skull door-knocker mould she showed them.
Alex has also worked for Pacific Helmets, a company that specialises in manufacturing and exporting safety helmet products to the exacting design and performance specifications of each customer. Alex mentioned that a lot of processes were involved in making a helmet therefore a lot of people played a major role in making one helmet (each person specialized in an area of the design, aesthetics, function, ergonomics and safety construction of a helmet. This information made the children realize that a lot of thought goes into producing something from start to finish, there is a lot of trial and error, a lengthy process and technology (machines both small and big) is involved in manufacturing something on a large scale.

Room 1 was very grateful for the visit and the ideas they gained for their own inquiry learning. Thanks Alex!!

One of the many helmets made at Pacific Helmets

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