Monday, May 25, 2015

Last weeks Technology Challenge!!

Technology Challenge – EGG DROP

Exploring new worlds is tricky business, especially if that new world is another planet! One of the most difficult aspects of sending a rover to Mars has been designing a way to land the rover on the planet without completely destroying all of its scientific instruments!

Your challenge is to design and build a landing device for your ‘Egg Rover’ that will protect it from structural damage when landing on Mars (dropped from a height of 1metre by one person from each house). You will have 10 minutes planning, and 20 minutes to complete your designs. At the end of the time, one person from each house will launch their ‘Egg Rovers’ with the landing devices that they designed and assess if there was any structural damage upon landing (egg breakage).

1.    Base of landing device must fit on launch platform (the lid of a ice cream container) and rest in a stable position.
2.    The egg itself may not be modified in any manner.
3.    Devices must be built to allow for quick “UNLOADING” of the ‘Egg Rover’ for damage assessment.
4.    Only provided materials may be used.

·      1m string
·      2 x A4 Cardboard
·      1m sticky tape
·      5 x small cotton wool
·      4 x straws
·      1 x plastic bag

1) Did your design try to slow down the speed of the descent? How did you do this?
2) Did you try to cushion the egg rover? If so, how did you do this?
3) Can you explain your approach? Was it successful and if not, what could you have done to improve upon your design?
4) What would you do differently next time?

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