Wednesday, May 27, 2015

A Smashing Time!!

Last week Te Mahia School tamariki had a fantastic day out in the sun completing the ‘Egg Drop Technology Challenge’. Each house group came up with some very interesting and sturdy egg rover designs. I saw box shapes, cone shapes, and some designs had parachutes or a cover on top. One house group even used the masking tape as a seatbelt for the egg. We definitely have innovative tamariki at our school. Each House group produced a design before time was up. The first egg drop was from a one-metre height. Four of the six house groups had their designs land the egg safely. We then had a face-off where we changed the height to two metres. The four remaining rover designs were tested see which design would protect the egg from the impact of landing. Congratulations to Te Ara o Paikea for their robust egg rover design that safely landed their passenger (the egg) from a two-metre drop.
With this challenge, the tamariki gained the ability to design a product (a container to told the egg), communicate the process of their design to the rest of the school, and lastly communicate any necessary modifications they would make next time.

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