Monday, May 4, 2015

Leaning tower of Pasta - Technology Challenge

Today the whole school participated in our weekly technology challenge. A lot of thinking and effort went into making their pasta towers. The following task was set for each house group.

Tech Challenge - Leaning Tower of Pasta
Year range: Y1-Y8

Strands: Physical World; Technology
 Categories: Structures; Towers

Competencies: Participating & Contributing; Thinking
This is a classic challenge that gets you thinking about shapes and structures. It is easy to organise and really fun. In a team, make the tallest tower you can, with a whole marshmallow at the top of your structure. You can only use the materials listed below, and have 20 minutes to complete the challenge.

    25 sticks of regular uncooked spaghetti
    1 large marshmallow
·      1 metre of string
·      1 metre of tape
·      Scissors (used for construction only)

The team whose tower lasts through the entire judging period, is the tallest and has the marshmallow on top (measured from the table top surface to the highest point of the tower) is the winner.

·      The team’s structure must stand on it’s own for measuring. Teams touching or supporting the structure will be DISQUALIFIED!
·      Teams can use as much or as little of the 25 sticks of spaghetti, string and tape provided.

·      The entire marshmallow must be on the top of your structure. Cutting or eating part of the marshmallow will DISQUALIFY your team.

Well done to the winning team which was Te Ara o Paikea!! Can't wait to see what Miss D'Ath has install for our next technology challenge..

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