Saturday, February 20, 2016

Why Subtract When You Can Add?

We are about to get underway with strategy learning in addition and subtraction for the next few weeks. As we identify what strategy stage we are currently working in, we need to reflect on the strategies we already know and use. At the senior end of school, using strategies that are efficient is crucial as we think mathematically and really consider word problems and equations we need to solve. If a strategy we choose takes us 4 steps to get an answer, maybe we need to consider a different strategy that can take us 3 or even 2 steps to get to the answer.

Here is a You Tube tutorial about reversibility and tidy numbers. Does anyone use these strategies already? What are the clear part of the tutorial? What questions do you have? How could you model this with different equipment other than a number line? Start THINKING about your tutorial you are going to create with a new strategy you learn about in the coming weeks. We will be collaborating with each other to become very efficient and professional. Are you ready?

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