Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Our Team Is Coming Together!

With new classroom dynamics at the start of the year, it always pays to focus on team work and what makes a team successful. We have had a lot of fun with different challenges and finding out more about what we as individuals can contribute to a team. We played Rob The Nest with a twist on Tuesday. Rather than having balls, we had M&M's that we had to steal using only a straw and our lungs. Our focus was on using 'individual strengths' within our team ie. Those that were fit, had good balance, were able to do two things at once. It was so much fun watching the children put this into action!

On Wednesday, we had another challenge that involved a larger team, (the class was split into two). Using only skipping ropes, the bucket with five tennis balls had to be lifted and tipped into the other bucket standing outside of the circle drawn in chalk.  The focus of this challenge was to  support those that found it too difficult and wanted to give up. How do you encourage someone to keep going when they feel like they want to quit? This challenge took some time to complete but our Year 8 leader Angela Cameron, lead her team to victory. 

It has been a busy, short week at school but we also got home-learning for the week sorted, how we spend our 10 minutes of silent reading time in class as well as kapa haka practice and assembly.  Room 1 people - you are already shining like super stars but get ready to pick up the pace next week!

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