Thursday, February 25, 2016

The Transparent Egg Experiment

 For this experiment you'll need:

  • a raw egg (you may want to do a few in case your egg breaks)
  • a hard boiled egg (so we could compare it to the raw egg)
  • white vinegar (poured 200ml vinegar in each jar)
  • 2 glass jars or plastic containers with lid (we used glass jars)

Place your raw egg in a jar and cover it with vinegar do the same in a separate jar with the hard-boiled egg. You will notice the reaction of the egg shell with calcium carbonate and vinegar.  It will bubble for the first day (below) 

The second day you need to change the vinegar. After 48 hours we carefully rinsed the raw egg and noticed it was transparent! Cool! Isn't it amazing? Basically it is an egg without a shell! I will let your curious minds figure out how the egg shells disappeared..

Bet you the tamariki can't wait to get their hands on the raw egg to see if it bounces!!
Watch this space for some of the tamariki's hypothesis and conclusions...

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