Sunday, November 9, 2014

Term 4 Inquiry 'Watching and Looking' - GUITAR HEROES!!!!

This term Room 1 children are looking at 'Guitar heroes', for their inquiry learning. They are to research and present the following:

1) Select their favourite guitarist.
2) Watch and look at videos of their guitarist, playing the guitar.
3) Write down 10 questions that will form the basis of their research. Answer their questions about   their chosen guitarist (information report).
4) Learn to play a piece of music (by chosen guitarist). The children get to choose the length of the played piece and if they are playing chords/tabs.
5) Debate - Persuasive writing about their guitarist, informing the audience on why their guitarist is the best. The children know persuasive writing consists of and that they need to engage the audience and persuade them that their guitarist is the best! Their information reports will help support their persuasive writing.


Jeniffer Batten is undoubtedly my favourite guitarist! 

She could quite appropriately be dubbed the undisputed Queen of Shred, and one of the genre’s finest guitarists—male or female.

The “shred” classification is, however, too limiting a name for a player of such exemplary technique, inspiring talent, and amazing versatility.

At the age of eight, Batten began playing guitar, influenced by the Beatles and BB King. She later attended the Guitar Institute of Technology in Hollywood, becoming the school’s first female graduate in 1979. She was noted especially for her technical prowess and impressive two-hand tapping style. At the time, the eight-finger tapping technique Batten had mastered was a feat of complexity practically unheard of in guitar circles, and established her as a talent well ahead of her time.

Playing in various fusion/rock bands, Batten also taught at the Guitar Institute of Technology, and published two instructional books; Hal Leonard’s “Two Hand Rock” and “The Transcribed Guitar Solos of Peter Sprague.”

She was also asked by Michael Jackson to audition for his band. He picked her from a large number of qualified candidates to take on the guitar responsibilities in Michael Jackson’s band for the Bad (1987-89), Dangerous (1992-93), and HIStory (1996-97) world tours, as well as Jackson’s 1993 Super Bowl half-time performance (which was viewed by 1.5 billion people in 80 nations).

If you’re a guitar player, or a fan of shredding, you owe it to yourself to check out the “Queen of Shred.”  Regardless of your style, Jennifer Batten will undoubtedly prove an inspired addition to any playlist!

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