Monday, November 10, 2014

An example of Persuasive Writing

Here is an example of persuasive writing the children looked at in the classroom. They had to identify the topic of the writing, the emotive language used and the ideas in each paragraph. It proved for great discussion in class as some of the children were counter arguing the points made in the persuasive text. It made for a great debate!


Mobile phones have no place in a school. And that’s that! What good reason is there for allowing students to bring an object capable of so much disruption into a school?

Firstly, lets look at the amount of mobile phone footage on youtube: we can see both teachers and students being humiliated in front of a worldwide audience.

It is appalling that people should be made to suffer in this way!

Some people may argue that students need to contact their parents. Newsflash schools have landlines that don’t suffer from poor reception, that don’t run out of credit and don’t disrupt learning. A member of staff will also be better at delivering any distressing news.

It is impossible impossible for students to concentrate on their learning when they are receiving a text from their friends and studies have revealed that they lead to poorer literacy as students learn text abbreviations. Sir John Dove in his recent government report recently said, “Schools that have a strict ban on mobile phones achieve, on average 20%, higher exam results than the schools that do not.

Can a teacher really compete with the latest gossip on facebook? Will a principal be able to intercept a bully texting their victims all sorts of malicious insults? Can a student justify bringing their mobile phone into school?

The answer is quite simply “No”.

What are your thoughts?

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