Monday, November 10, 2014

Persuasive Writing in Room 1

The children in Room 1 are learning how to write persuasive texts.
·    The are learning to:
  • Identify what persuasive writing is.
  • Use their writing to persuade others.
  • Include an opening statement that identifies the topic or issue to be examined.
  • Include some background information (Research skills).
  • Arrange points in order of strength of persuasiveness and includes connectives and other language opinions.
  • Support their opinion with evidence or examples.
  • Include a supporting statement that sums up the argument.
Success Criteria
They will know when they have learnt this by being able to:
  • Explain what persuasive writing is.
  • Persuade others with their writing.
  • Identify the topic in their opening statement.
  • Include background information in their exposition that supports their position.
  • Sequence their work in order of persuasiveness.
  • Provide evidence that supports their position
  • Sum up their ideas in a conclusion. 


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