Monday, May 30, 2016

Maths Learning - Week 5

We have been super busy during our 10 minute hotspots with number knowledge. This weeks focus has been on squared, cubed and prime numbers. We have made revealers to learn with a buddy all the way up to 12 squared off by heart. We have been making our squared numbers out of counters to see our array has the same number of groups with the same amount in each. We used the '1's' place value blocks to build our cubed numbers, (which add another dimension). It was clear to see that our flat 2d shape/number was turning into a 3d shape, (because of the third dimension added).
Prime numbers are numbers that are only divisible by itself and 1. If a number has more than 2 factors, it is known as a composite number. We have been examining numbers to 100 to see if they are prime numbers or composite. In only a week, we have all made outstanding progress with our number knowledge learning that is supporting our strategy learning. 

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