Monday, October 26, 2015

The importance of knowing your market and what customers want.

This term our inquiry is based around 'Show me the money!' - Young Entrepreneurs

Last week Room 1 tamariki constructed survey questionnaires in regards to ideas for their string art (chosen class gala stall) and what designs the staff and tamariki would buy. We had many discussions over the surveys in regards to open, closed and multi-choice questions. It came down to the children using multi-choice questions where they could allow their own designs/ideas to be read and chosen from. The tamariki then collated their survey data to see which were the popular choices.

Here is an example of Kalani and Angela's survey they did.
This week Room 1 tamariki have to explain why it is important doing research before you design/sell a product.
Some of the ideas the tamariki came up with to write about were:
  • It is important to know your market and the needs of customers
  • Surveys were important in helping them decide what designs they were going to do in string art.
  • From the surveys the tamariki could also see what materials were needed (in particular the paint and wool colours to use).
  • Also pricing their artwork so that a profit is made based on what the customer wants and the cost of materials.
The tamariki know it is crucial research is done before jumping into a business, to allow marketing for customers needs, customer satisfaction, and ensuring a business succeeds.

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