Monday, October 26, 2015

Opoutama Wetlands

On Wednesday some of the Te Mahia School students went for a little Tiki tour with Mr Pickering and Nanny Dixie.The students travelled from school to Opoutama and learnt about what sort of weeds they could find and what their names are.The students had some fun finding insects, bugs and fish in the wetlands. The students also learnt about birds around the wetlands and how important the wetlands are.
Kristine: I learnt that the wetlands don’t just protect the plants around them, but also protect the creatures that live around the area.
Patricia D: I learnt that in 2009 there was a fire that burnt down most of the wetland it took five helicopters to put out the fire. I also learnt that there is a new weed called ragwart.
Khalos: I learnt the different types of bugs and insects that live in the wetlands like water worms and such.

Angela: I learnt that in 2009 the fire that happened spread all around the wetland at Opoutama and that honeysuckles are weeds and that not much people see the bitten flying around.

Rebecca: I learnt what native plants are and what exotic plants are and much, much, more.

Anthony: I learnt the native plants and exotic plants.

Rome: I learnt how to catch a fish with a net and the names of the two flaxes
which are harakeke and swamp flax.

The students had a lot of fun and they will like to take an opportunity to go again someday later. They would like to say a big thanks to Mr Pickering and Nanny Dixie for making their little tiki tour possible.

Written by Kristine Stevens-Wesche

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