Sunday, February 8, 2015

All in today's work..

What a scorching but very active day Room 1 has had today...
We started off the morning with fitness circuits. I am very pleased to see our House Leaders motivate the younger children through positive role modelling. Perseverance needs to occur more often in morning fitness.

We continued writing our information reports about our place, Mahia. Amidst this the Year 6's were doing a PAT Math assessment online. We are trialling the online assessments for some learning areas and so far it proves very beneficial to have. 

The Life Education Trust Truck is at our school today and tomorrow. Our senior class got to enjoy the company of Quentin and Harold the Giraffe this afternoon. The focus of their learning was on Social Relationships and identifying the qualities that make a good friend. Quentin also shared an awesome whakatauaki (Maori Proverb) that goes like this:

"Taputapu te korero" - "Words are sacred"
What we say affects others. When we speak with aroha we lift others up.

Decisions on qualities good friends should have. The before and after (much discussion)

This activity reinforced our Room 1 behaviour expectations that the children came up with in class. The main point the children came up with in class was respect for ourselves, for each other, for everyone. Not only respect for people's feeling's and emotions but also physically and respect with property/equipment. Like the children say "treat others as you would want to be treated."
Keep up the positive attitudes Room 1!!

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  1. Hope you Room 1 tamariki got to see Harold too! lol Some key important messages that Quentin was talking about. Love the whakatauaki! It is going to be a fantastic year! Miss O'B