Tuesday, July 22, 2014

JGeeks - NZGT Grand Final Performance

So this term we have to construct, rehearse and polish a 'Performing Art's' Master piece. The theme for this extravaganza is 'Lets Make Music,' and we have 10 minutes to dazzle the audience with your brilliance. Performing Arts incorporates Dance, Drama, Wearable Arts and usually has shorter than normal segments. The J-Geeks are a shining example of what is possible. It would be neat to build in our Rongomaiwahine culture with this performance. So put your thinking hats on peeps!!!


  1. We can do a slow Maori song get into some comedy and the we could get mau rakau to learn cool things and make it awesome

  2. With a legend that relates to mahia where we come from.

  3. 1 get some people from mau rakau to do a
    2 do the lengen of rongomai whine
    3 make a scary scen
    4 make it funny
    tuki jahson

  4. We could tell the story of Rongomaiwahine, Kahungunu, and Tamatakutai. We could share what happened to Tamatakutai, and tell/ show things with Rongomaiwahines kids.
    We could show the story of Maui and the sun and how he caught the sun.
    We could take a story from Mahia and add music, dancing, kapahaka, and make it seem like its from our 'generation'

  5. I personally think we should perform as Maori dinosaurs aka minasouras

  6. do a cool as dance and mix it with some comedy
    turn people into birds just a random idea tuki jahson

  7. And I think we should join myths acrobatics and singing to make our performance tada

  8. 1 there are six people playing on their phones then one person drops their phone they panic took the phone to the doctors then the doctor said the phone is not broken then the six people start to dance to turn down for what
    2 there are four people the first one takes the photo of two people then the last person comes in dressed up like a afganastan person and photo bomb the photo then the two people in the photo get scared and run away from the afganastan scared and crying