Sunday, July 6, 2014

2014 - Sir Peter Blake Young Leaders Award

A massive congratulations who was the recipient (and so deserving) of the Sir Peter Blake Young Leaders award for 2014. Te Mahia School voted their supreme leader earlier in the year and it was exciting to have Tania from Westpac Bank come and present the  award.

The criteria for selection/winning that the leader must possess and be developing includes...
  •      Integrity;
  •      Determination and the will to succeed;
  •      Be a good team builder, leader and member;
  •      Be hard working; and
  •      Know how to have fun!
 Tegan is exactly all above and I am so proud of her achievements to date. She has an exciting future ahead of her and I am certain leadership is going to be a natural attribute she pushes to the limit. How awesome to have her whanau at our assembly as well. Ka may the wehi

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