Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Our Duffy Heroes Mark & Brenda

Today we were entertained with catchy tunes and songs from Mark & Brenda, our Duffy heroes this term. Both are very musical and come from musical backgrounds. Brenda had two older brothers who were very musical. Mark enjoyed music ever since he was a young boy, his father was a professional Jazz musician and his Grandfather was a piano tuner. So you can see why these two were destined to be very talented musicians.

Mark wrote the book Rufus and the Rain. He spoke of the ideas he had for the story but never in his wildest dreams would think that it would be published into a book for everyone to read. It goes to show you never know where your ideas and interests will lead you, could be to exciting new things.

Both, Mark and Brenda quizzed the tamariki on what they would see on pages in a book. The tamariki gave answers such as pictures, ideas, sentences, paragraphs, lines, stories, words and punctuation (full stops, commas, speech marks etc). Brenda and Mark then transferred some of the answers from the tamariki, into a song. Reading can be fun and transformed into musical tunes.

We are very fortunate to have Duffy books in homes so make sure whānau that you ask your tamaiti/tamariki about the Duffy books they received or read it to/with them. Thank you very much Mark and Brenda for sharing your musical talent and journey with our Te Mahia School tamariki.

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