Monday, March 21, 2016

How does yeast grow you wonder?

Room 1 tamariki were very busy indeeed yesterday morning making ginger beer with Mr Hoek. The purpose of the lesson was to investigate and research how yeast grows?

The classroom discussion was around biotechnology – looking at the reaction involved with yeast – which is a living organism.
What is Bio? The science of living things.
What is tech? We can use biology to make things.

Watch youtube clip How to make homemade ginger beer the link to the video is
 The tamariki were provided with all the ingredients and equipment to make ginger beer in small groups. They all had a lot of fun and it was their first time making ginger beer believe it or not!

Research and note taking
Tamariki were using class technology (iPads and Macbooks) for research and investigation into how and why does yeast grow?

They were asked questions such as:
1) What in the ginger beer mixture reacts?
2) How does the yeast and sugar dissolve?
3) How are the bubbles made?
4) How does yeast make carbon dioxide?

These questions will help form their explanations of how yeast grows..

When writing the tamariki need to think about:
What is involved in explanation writing?
Explain what is happening (topic)
Linking paragraphs – First, then, next, now, finally etc (one idea per paragraph)
Use topic specific vocabulary

Last but not least the tamariki were deciding on how they would present their findings. Can’t wait to read/see and listen/hear their final explanations of how yeast grows!!

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