Sunday, August 30, 2015

High Ropes Course - Community Centre

So today our senior students headed into the Community Centre to complete the high ropes course. Our tamariki thought about this prior to visiting, set themselves some personal goals and quizzed up on how this was going to be a safe day, having each others backs at all times. 4 people told me prior to the start of the day, they were scared of heights and this was something they thought they couldn't do. Our day started off with some games to really work together as a team; identify solutions to problems, share whakaaro, keep each other from hurting ourselves and communicating clearly. We then developed our trust further with the 'ladder activity.' We teamed up, learnt how to belay and then we headed up the ladders, up a great height! Our tamariki ALL completed the High Ropes and should all be very proud of themselves. Life is about setting yourself challenges and testing your limits and that was exactly what our tamariki conquered today. They should be super proud of themselves because I was blown away with the confidence they all pulled out of their pockets and displayed. Many thanks to Luana Mitchell who facilitated this day. Also Airini-Zoy who spent the day with us encouraging and supporting, (the choccie biscuits were yum too).

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