Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Duffy Role Model Assembly

We were very fortunate to have Diana Queenin at school this afternoon sharing her interesting experiences and passion for reading with our Te Mahia School tamariki. Diana has travelled to many places in the world and shared with us some treasures she acquired along the way. Her treasures included a stingray barb, different types of fossils (a geode, trilobite and ammonite), a nautilus shell, the skin of an Egyptian cobra, and an empty shell of a horseshoe crab.
Diana worked at the New York Museum of National History (this Museum is seen in the children’s movie ‘A Night at the Museum’) and mentioned to the children that she had to study a lot which involved a lot of reading before she could work in the museum. Her job involved talking to people about dinosaurs and sea life, some of the many wonderful artifacts in the museum.
Diana is an enthusiastic reader and captivated our tamariki with her exciting stories she told. She encourages everyone to read because reading is key to knowledge and learning.

Thank you for sharing some of your special treasures and inspiring stories with the tamariki of Te Mahia School!



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