Saturday, June 14, 2014

NYLD 2014 Medium

On Sunday I had the really cool job of taking our Year
8 Leaders to Rotorua. Jackie Kereru also took a car load and spent the two days
with us. On Sunday, we had a little bit of time for fun. The Gondola, Luge,
Jelly Bean Game, Aquatic Centre and Valentines for dinner, were all squeezed in
on Sunday once we arrived in Rotorua. Monday morning saw us arrive at the
Convention Centre where another 2000 students were also gathered. The theme for
this years conference was ‘3D’  We were
encouraged to live a 3D life where we Dare – Dream and - Develop.  There were 5 key speakers that all had a
different story to tell but common themes kept coming out. Allison Mooney,
Tamati Coffey, Ali Shanks, Cam Kolkoen and Paula Fatalata addressed the
audience. The Year 8’s learnt more about their personality and leadership
styles. We can’t change our personalities we are but we can build and develop
on the strengths we have. We were challenged to outline our Dreams for the
future and break it down into smaller steps with how we were going to achieve
them. The day was filled with inspiration, encouragement and instilled a belief
in us all that if we are prepared to put in the hard yards, great things will
happen. Please talk to our Year 8 Leaders and encourage them to explain to you what
they got out of the conference.  A
massive thanks to Waikaremoana Trust Board, Taiwhenua, Te Rangatahi o
Whakarewa, Mahia Maori Women’s Welfare League, and the Wairoa Mayor – Craig
Little who all provided a koha towards this conference. It was incredibly
generous and wouldn’t have been possible without your contributions. Kia ora!

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  1. nice photo story miss O'B just to say who is that skuxx boy with the red Chicago Bulls hat on