Wednesday, April 9, 2014

What does ANZAC Day mean to me?

My Great Grandfather went to World War 1. Even though I never met him, I have been told that he was a remarkable man. He received two medals whilst at World War 1, my Uncle wears these to Dawn Parade at Kaiuku each year. They are a very special taonga that our family have.  When I think of ANZAC Day, I think of the incredibly brave and selfless people that went to war. To put your life on the line for your family and country is a remarkable and I think all soldiers are incredible human beings. I know our country would be very different today if soldiers and people did not stand up for what was right and wrong. Dictatorship is a word that has a lot of negative connotations to me and I hope our future does not include people such as Adolph Hitler. Currently around the world, there are a number of wars going on because people in power abuse it and can't negotiate and reason with different beliefs and views. On the 25th of April, I will be at Kaiuku for Dawn Parade and will be thinking firstly, about my Grandfather and other soldiers involved in WW1 and WW2.

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