Sunday, March 23, 2014

Year 8 Leaders and their Leadership Projects & Pledges

All of the leaders have been busy finishing their pledge for the year. There has been some deep thought going into how our leaders want to fulfil their role and the expectations they are putting on themselves. Please congratulate them on a super effort.  They have also started planning some projects they would like to lead. Kingi and Tegan want to take the entire school to Morere in term 2 for a relaxing afternoon one day. They will be getting quotes from bus companies, writing a panui, buying groceries, making bookings. They have also started two raffles – one with $100 prize and the other with a cell phone as the prize. Don’t feel obligated to buy a raffle but if you would like to support their kaupapa, then please do. Ocea and Ngaire are oragnising a Movie Night here at Te Mahia School Friday 9th May. Proceeds from this evening are______.  Ngaire has mentioned the idea of running after school sports sessions – she is still figuring out how this would look and what is involved. Ka mau te wehi leaders!

I promise to be truthful and kind. To respect others and help others. Perform my duties and represent my school in the best way I can – to be the best I can be. Tegan

My pledge is to never give up on my team. Do everything right and to make sure my team doesn’t slack around at fitness and other house team times. I’ll wear my uniform with pride, I’ll treat it like I treat my game.  Joedy

My pledge is to be truthful, never give up, always try my best, have pride, use my manners, treat my uniform like a taonga, be helpful to everyone, follow instructions and be brave with everything I do. Ocea

My pledge is to be a responsible leader. Someone who is kind and truthful, fit and never gives up. Also someone who can get organized and stuff done on time or before time. I will finish with saying I will wear my uniform proudly and loudly and also be cheerful, fun, helpful and the best I can be. Kingi

My pledge is to have respect for other teams in the school and to be a better year 8 Leader in the school grounds. Jahson

My pledge is to promise to be truthful and kind to wear my uniform with pride. To help people when they need help. To keep my group fit. To be organized and never give up on my team.  To respect people just the way you want to be treated. Shedarn

I promise to be helpful and kind. To respect others. To always wear my unform with pride and always try my hardest to be the best I can be. Ngaire

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